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  1. An interview of you guys at nomadiacmatt which i chanced upon while “working”, at my boring desk, redirected me to your Blog . Totally Bored by the chugging machine like symphony of my life, i had been reading about travelers over the internet for long, but your story is what rekindled my faith in life. 😀 My profession allows me the luxury of a little travel, but again only when work calls and for the work, which by now would have been totally clear is not at all interesting, Audits can be really boring you know. All that said, you guys are an inspiration for the lot of us wanderlust Indian kids. I have wanted to travel the world since i was a kid, but i never took to saving enough, always thinking however much i save would not be enough,but this blog, combined with the Bruisedpassports, has given wings to my dream again. So till i save and get on the road. Thanks for sharing your stories with us, and thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hey Akshay,

      Thank yo so much for the wonderful comment. It means a lot to us.
      don’t underestimate the power of a profession, our profession was the fuel which kept us going for two years, just make sure you don’t get consumed by it, use it till it helps you fulfill your dreams.
      Audits are fun things, one of us used to do them very frequently, I.T. Audits though.

  2. hi i read your interview on normadic matt.firstly congrats on travelling so much. i saw movie called a map for saturday ..something by that name where one guy travels the world and documents two are doing the same ..good..i have planned for travel from june to december covering turkey western europe uk and usa. my purpose is purely art and architecture.the thing is i plan to quit my job and then apply for visas..or apply for visas in my last month of job.. i am sure my employer will not give me any kind of letter..but i have saved up around 120$ a day for my entire travel in my bank account.i am 27 yrs old single.could you please let me know how to go abt the visas.because it has taken me abt 3 yrs of planning and research to study places their history and things relavant to the way i work in singapore and wil apply in singapore..pls suggest me on the visa..
    yours truly

    • Hi Manu,

      Thanks for writing to us and also for the kind words.
      what I would suggest is this.
      Embassies deal with people on a case to case basis.
      for Europe, if you would try the french or italian embassy and tell them what your plan, they wouldn’t mind the fact that you are not employed.

      a few things to be answered first.
      1. which part of europe are you going to stay for the most amount of time?
      2. turkey visa is on arrival if you have a UK or US visa on your passport.
      3. UK visa will be fine, if you explain that you will be visiting as a tourist and its best if you can tell exact dates and show hotel bookings. You can book on and cancel them later. They just need that for paperwork.
      4. US visa will be trickiest one.

      since you are not in India, they embassies will prefer to see your employment and leave details before hand, but since you are taking a gap year and have bank statements to show funds, it won’t be that much of a hassle.

      Do write back if you have more queries.

      -Empty Rucksack

  3. Hi
    Can you tell me about visa hacks. Mostly for Europe , Canada and Oceanea? What countries are lenient? Also which have cheaper visas?

    What countries’ residencies are advatageous for getting more visa on arrivals or bypass the visas?

    Whenever I see cheap tickets to these places, it’s so disheartening when I check their visa costs.

    PS – Sorry to bug you with so many questions. Please do answer them. Take any amount of time you need.

    • Deepanshu,

      I must first congratulate on being able to ask so many different set of questions in such few sentences 😛

      Let me counter them with some questions and then I will be able to answer.

      What is your age?
      Are you working or studying?
      How are you planning to fund your travels?

      The secret to getting the visas is in answer to the above questions.

      I wouldn’t advise going to countries just because their visas are cheaper, think a little bit more about what you would like to see and how many days you have at hand, and the money you can spend.

      A UK, European (Schengen), USA , Australian and Canadian residencies are most advantageous in getting visas pretty much anywhere in the world.

      -Empty rucksack

      • I don’t just wanna visit countries that have cheap visas. I’m usually aiming to travel to places that have a really good city feel and also is a socially progressive and friendly country. I prioritize the city feel only because I have never been to a nice big city (except Delhi although I would hardly call it nice).
        And I am only 18. I am a student. And I would really like to visit a nice foreign city (preferably european).
        Also I’ve also wanted to study abroad hence the question about what residencies are really advantageous but that’s just really too much into the future.

        Btw have you guys been to istanbul? I’ve really admired it.

  4. Hi, I feel so lucky to find your website!! And first of all thanking you for building a website like this which helps Indians who have desire to travel around the world. Im 19 and Im planning for a 2 week trip to Europe in which I want to visit at least 3 schengen countries, so as you had been to alot of countries and have experience in visa stuffs could you please suggest me a schengen country’s consulate or embassy through which I can get a schengen visa easier?? And I will make my travel plans only after your suggesion of the schengen country….

  5. Hi, I feel so lucky to find your website!! And
    first of all thanking you for building a website
    like this which helps Indians who have desire to
    travel around the world. Im 19 and Im
    planning for a 2 week trip to Europe in which I
    want to visit at least 3 schengen countries, so
    as you had been to alot of countries and have
    experience in visa stuffs could you please
    suggest me a schengen country’s consulate or
    embassy through which I can get a schengen
    visa easier?? And I will make my travel plans
    only after your suggesion of the schengen

  6. My wife and me are going to Europe with a group on a Schengen Visa for a period of 15 days, starting on May 8th, 2015. The others in the group are returning by the 22nd of May.However my wife and myself would like to extend our stay for another 15 days. Is this possible and if so how do we go about it. We are both 60 and from India.

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  8. Hi,

    Interesting that you can travel for a long term – I love to travel, but cannot do more than 2 weeks at a time. I really miss my home and friends and routine after that. 🙂

    I guess everyone is different.

    Tell me something, how does one tackle such a long term travel – do you decide month by month or week by week where you will go and what you will see? Most of the deals (tickets/ hotels etc) are best when planned in advance and non-refundable.

    Do you work when traveling to pay off costs?

  9. Hello,
    It’s really inspiring to see you traveling around the world and I have that fire too inside me to travel a lot. I got a chance to visit Greece in February this year but unfortunately due to unexpected heavy rainfall and flood there, all my plans got washed out and I ended up visiting 2-3 places only. Now I’m planning to visit again and this time for 2 months, whole Greece and major cities of Albania. I work as a freelancer so I’ve no problem traveling for that much of the time. But I’m little skeptical this time as I’ve heard that Greece is rejecting visa applications now a days on mass. My last visit was on a multiple entry schengen visa and was for a month. So my question is that according to you how much chances are there that I’ll end up getting a multiple entry schengen visa for 2 months this time?

    Funds to show – 5000 to 10000 eu
    Travel duration – 2 months
    Tickets/Accommodation – Booked in advance
    Travel Insurance – Done

    And I’m getting married soon after I’ll return from trip l, would it be useful to mention in interview or cover letter?

    • Hi imran
      If you are providing all this documentation it should be fairly easy to get a 2 month visa.mentionin that you are getting married once you return and if possible attach some evidence of that which clearly shows ur intention of returning back to India. Also carry your I.T. return for last 2-3 years just incase they need more proof of ur financial ability to support ur self.

      Good luck with ur visa application

  10. Hello Vikram & Ishwinder

    I am from Satara, Maharashtra, I accidently came to know your story on when I was searching some visa information, really guys you both are just awesome, very inspiring story for someone like me who lives in relatively small district place in western Maharashtra and want to travel all around the world in tight budget, till now I’ve visited Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China & Dubai without having any assistance from travel agency except Visa, my next destination is Taiwan as I’d like to know how one small island is now super power in Semiconductor Chip, hope to get little guidance from you for my upcoming Taiwan trip, thanks.

  11. Hi you guys. I just chanced upon your website while searching for slow and easy, non-touristy villages near the Himalayas to plonk myself at for a month. I have been working in the highly creative (not) field of finance for close to a decade, and this year, I took a 6 month sabbatical off work and traveled solo to a few places in India – few because I am a sloth and I like staying at every place I visit for at least 2 weeks and that too with NO agenda of any sort. I have convinced my employers to agree to a part time work schedule henceforth where I will be on leave for 6 months each year. Over the years I have traveled a bit (definitely not as much as you guys), and find myself in a mental space where I just want to slow down and go to the basics. I find it considerably easier to do when I am in nature with little human contact.

    Coming to the matter at hand, I have the whole of November off work, and I wanted to ask if you could suggest some place in the Himalayas for this time of the year suitable for a solo female…..and…… I like to travel on a budget now. I stayed in Dharamkot this summer for 2 months and got a room for Rs 400 per day. Having discovered that such prices still exist, and also having discovered lately that my definition of luxury has slimmed down to just hygiene, safety and a mind-blasting view. If you have successfully read the whole mesage, let me just tell you that I bored you with so many details just to give you an idea of the kind of person and traveler (maybe non-traveler) I am. Any suggestions, guys, for the Nov getaway?

  12. Thanks for your suggestions guys it really helped me to choose the best places around me to visit.

  13. Interesting article to read thanks for sharing buddy 🙂 🙂

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