5 places every traveller must certainly visit

London : It has the pace of a metro but the heart of a pretty hamlet. The crowds in the old town may disenchant a few but it’s very difficult to not get charmed by London.


Bruges : certainly the most pretty town not just in Belgium but all of Europe. One weekend trip is enough to convince you of its charms. It is impossible to not fall in love with the canals, awesome Belgium waffles, the hundreds of beers and the thousands of chocolates.


Vientiane : Undoubtedly the most laid back capital city in the world. With a tiny population of 3,00,000, a wide variety of world cuisines, 2-3 traffic lights, no traffic jams, the most friendly people. All in all a place not to be missed when you visit Laos.


Istanbul : It is considered to be an ideal mix of Europe and Asia, a proper cusp between cultures of two such varied continents, trust us the Asian side is more pretty, charming,  packed with lots of feel,  awesome food, great markets, and an unending list of sights to see.


New Delhi : A delectable multi layered pudding of history with a icing  of century old settlements  and a garnish of unique architectural gems is the city that has been the capital of the largest democracy of the world.

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  1. London is on my wish-list too! But, you should have mentioned Mumbai too. It’s a city that should NEVER be missed!

  2. Out of these, I have only been to Bruges and Delhi 🙂

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