Amritsar – Ultimate Food Guide

After you visit the Golden Temple, and do eat the Langar served in the Gurudwara premises. Now start wandering in the lanes of Amritsar, you would hardly find any nook and corner of devoid of great food. A heaven for food lovers, Amritsari Cuisine offers a variety of dishes. Here are our top 7 that will leave you craving for more and more. We love the food so much in Amritsar that we dare anyone to find non – tasty food here. Kesar da dhaba (at chowk Passian)-Maah di daal (lentil)+ lachedar parantha +kheer & Phirni sweet dish and other Indian veg meals.One of the oldest food joints and economical too. Amritsari Kulcha–Most of the Amritsari people start their day with this. Originated in Punjab,Kulcha is made with flour dough with stuffing of boiled mashed potato,onion, baked in earthen clay oven.Butter is spread over and served with spicy chole (chickpea curry) and chutney of tamarind, jaggery & onion.served at Kulche wale near Golden temple, Chungi ( maqbool road). Gyan Singh’s Punjabi Lassi (Hathi gate)- has been serving for past 70 years a lip smacking lassi,a tower glass around 500 ml topped with malai (cream) & white butter.  Ahuja Lassi near Hindu College serves ‘Kesar Lassi’ (saffron lassi). It is healthy and a refreshing drink ! Sarson Da Saag & Makki Di Roti- It is Punjab’s trademark food.Nearly every house or village of Punjab, gives a hospitable treatment to their guests by serving this dish. Prepared from mustard & spinach greens while makki roti is rolled out of a dough of makki ka atta (corn flour). Lots of Makhan (butter) adds to the richness and taste. Try this dish at Bharawan da Dhaba (Town Hall) Amritsari fish– The fried fish is one of the popular food items. Prepared by coating fish fillets with …

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Shots from everyday life of Amritsar, India

  Brijwasi ki chaat – Famous for Bunn Tikki – Amritsar must taste!   Women cooking langar for lunch meal at a neighborhood gurdwara Famous Chai Stall in Amritsar. A morning stop for many Amritsaris.   New style patterns of the colorful Phulkari, traditional embroidery of Punjab   Stacks of duppattas in a cloth shop in Amritsar    Dress material for women’s clothing. Amritsar likes it bright.   Lovers of Osho in Sikh dominated city of Amritsar Read my travelogue on Amritsar.

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Sachkhand Express – Train to the land of truth

Sachkhand express initiates in Nanded every morning and finishes its journey in Amritsar the next day after running for 34 hours.   We boarded the train at Aurangabad. We were provided free langar at the station. A bowl full of vegetable rice. At Manmad station, vendors sell pomegranate in little packets. At nine in the evening we reached Khandwa where devotees served rotis called ‘parshada’ with kaali daal to the travelers onboard train.    The train itself is considered holy since it connects two major centers of Sikh pilgrimage, Golden Temple and Hazoor Sahib. This was my first overnight journey on a train and we were pampered all the way by the kindness of the believers. 24 hours passed by quicker than usual.   Here is my video log of the journey:   <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>  

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