Our stops on Delhi Food Walk

We started our walk from Connaught Place at the legendary Wengers where we dug into a yummy strawberry pastry and drank up Keventer’s iconic milk shake as we waited for everybody to join. If Connaught  Place was this crowded, then Old Delhi was something to brace yourself for, we realized. Then we threw ourselves in a crowded Metro carriage and stepped out at Chandani Chownk station where our walk started. Below are our three stops on the food walk. To view the food album click here. 1. Paranthe Wali Gali – Not difficult to get to, anyone in Old Delhi can guide you to Paranthe Wali gali. Make your way through the saree selling shops and fancy lehenga displays to arrive on a narrow alley with rows parantha selling shops. The only catch is that paranthas are like deep fried stuffed puris. My Past experience with these paranthas left me with unpalatable taste but Mansi had tasted more than one paranthas in this gali and took us straight to  Pt. Gaya Prasad’s. We tasted everything from Okra stuffed paranthas to Rabri Paranthas. Nimbu parantha emerged clear winner but I still can’t get the taste of Mawa parantha off my mind. Thanks Mansi, this was the best food find ever. Expense: 7 paranthas amongst four people Rs. 4oo. If you keep walking straight ahead zig zagging through tiny lanes you come across halwaai operating for generations and the Kachori Wala who has his own website. Talk about old meets new. We had appetite to save for kebabs and korma. But Mansi was more than tad bit hurt by the absence of regular Daulat chaat hawkers around the area. It took time for sulking Mansi to return to her spirits but soon she was leading us around another web of tiny streets …

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Delhi Food Walk

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Photo Essay: Dastakar fair

The following images are from the Dastakar fair held every spring in New Delhi. Check it out this spring if you are in the area.  

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