Mae Sa waterfalls, Chiang Mai

I still can’t believe why we went to check out these falls which are about 26 kilometers from Chiang Mai. Maybe, because we had a motorbike and sometime extra time on hand so we decided to go. But even with time to kill, I found the entry ticket to falls at 100 Baht/200 INR/~$3 (plus the parking charge) steep for what falls really turned out to be. The ride to park and beyond on the Mae Rim Samoeng road is beautiful but I am sure that’s not what you pay for entry gate of the falls. There are 10 falls in all but the whole area has a very city park sort of feel to it. We spent two hours in all here with some quite spots and lots of picnic benches to rest on but we would not recommend it not even if you are coming all the way to check out Tiger Kingdom. I am sure anyone who has had the good fortune of travelling a little would have seen better falls and for free. And the ones who haven’t, well, honestly, there are better things that deserve your time.

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