Greece 1- 7 Greek must eats in Crete and Santorini

How do you review a restaurant in a place where all restaurant serve great food. There is no such thing as a bad meal here. Sit down restaurants serve great plates of food with on the house dessert liqueur and bites of dessert at the end of the meal, the fast food options mean no compromise in taste but great savings for the pockets and even on the go meals are surprising delights. Here 7 new dishes to prepare your palette before Greece trip. Meditating upon food Spinach pie – Greece sleeps late and wakes up late. If you got out in search to feed the morning hunger, the only shops that will be open are bakeries. In bakeries, the freshest are piles of spinach pie laid out in baking trays. Spinach pie or spanakopita will be your typical morning breakfast for as long as you are in Greece. It will be cheap – for Euro 2, fresh and omni present on your entire vacation. Fava dip – This is a warm dip made from boiled fava lentils, blended with olive oil, onions and garlic. It is a perfect light and healthy starter to a meal. Beetroot Salad – A meal replacement when you are hopping islands in Greece. The quality of food in Greece is never lousy. I had a salad when packing a little before a flight and it is a salad I have tried to recreate in my kitchen several times over.   Gemista – Greek rice cooked in a special mix of Greek spices stuffed into red peppers and tomatoes is a perfect light vegan meal option.     Gyros – This is a take away cheap fast food option of the Greek kitchen. Shavings of Donner kebabs with a blob of tzatziki (a yoghurt dressing), chips and salad wrapped …

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One morning in Heraklion

God’s random sketches on the sky  View from my hotel balcony as I woke up to a clear sky and bright sun light. The charge for night stay Euro 47 at Iraklion Hotel. Local Delicatessen in the neighbourhood The cathedral, the square and the lovely pigeons Abandoned Alleyway No breakfast at 9 in the morning. So, refreshing to be back in the place where people love their sleep. Greek breakfast: Spinach pie – Euro 2/- with a cup of Cappuccino Euro 1.5/- Over exposed: Hard to handle the bright sun light The old harbour looking onto the sea – Heraklion is blessed with some of the best beaches. Unfortunately we could not visit any because we had our heart set on Santorini A quick shot of the ducks sun bathing as we make our way to the ferry

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