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Niranjan is passionate about travel, be it long bike rides or treacherous trekking or leisure holidaying or backpacking through the countryside or an engrossing train journey. He dreams of setting foot on every single country on planet earth and meeting adorable
strangers and learning new cultures.
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We asked him what are the 3 places every traveler must visit in India? Here is what he said.

Gokarna Empty Rucksack Travelers
#1 Gokarna- 
Besides the very popular Om beach, Gokarna is a hippie’s haven. With beach treks, secluded beaches, shacks and absolutely nothing to do, this tiny fishing hamlet lures travellers like no other. Laze, walk and enjoy the lovely sunsets over the five beaches that Gokarna boasts of. Two of those beaches are approachable only by boat or by trek. How awesome is that?
Varanasi Empty Rucksack Travelers
Varanasi is all about the 3 Gs- the alluring Ganges, the languorous Ghats and the intriguing Gallis (alleyways). Add to it, the chaos, the temple bells and hymns, the famous ganga arti, the sadhus, the numerous temples, the boats, the kulhad chai, the paan and what you get is a cocktail of culture, religion, people and beliefs. Isn’t this more than enough to lure any traveller to the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city? Varanasi can be infectious and there aren’t many who would like to part with the city once they fall for its charm.
Varkala Empty Rucksack Travelers
#3 Varkala-
Red laterite cliffs against blue background makes for a terrific landscape in Varkala. Arguably one of the best beaches in the country, Varkala beach is well maintained, attracts hordes of foreign tourists and do not be surprised if you find yourself to be the only Indian out there. With numerous cafes atop the cliff, it is absolutely blissful to stare at the blue sea and skies as the sun goes down the horizon.

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