12 Reasons why Iceland should be your dream destination

ICELAND is a land of extremes with unique and sometimes weird things to offer – raw nature – geysers and hot springs – volcano craters – daylight day & night – truly awesome waterfalls – mesmerizing landscapes – practically no trees – gigantic glaciers – pristine lakes – powerful and plentiful rivers – a true getaway from civilization.

Here are  12 amazing experiences that will leave you in awe of Iceland.

#1 VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS – Holuhraun near Bardarbunga. A very recent volcano has a popular tourist attraction.


#2 GEOTHERMAL POOLS – Drinking Beers in the Natural Pools, Need We Say more?


#3 GLACIER HIKING – They say the world’s glaciers are disappearing. The area of Skaftafell in the National Park of Vatnajökull has some of the most picturesque glacier hiking oppportunities.


#4 ICEBERGS – The glacier lagoon of Jökulsárlón is a unique place of earth. It’s the deepest lake of Iceland. Huge and surreal blue icebergs float in the lagoon. This is one of the rarest sights on Earth.


#5 ICE CAVES – A truly unique experience.


#6 SNOWY LANDSCAPES – Landmannalaugar is a winter paradise, but accessible only by a super jeep

Extreme Iceland

#7 SOFT MOSS – Being such a volcanic island, Iceland’s lava has been covered by a thick layer of soft moss makes a very beautiful outdoor setting.


#8 NORTHERN LIGHTS – Iceland is the best location on the planet to enjoy the phenomenon of the aurora borealis during the winter.


#9 WINTER ACTIVITIES – You could drive a SnowMobile gazing at this wonderful kaleidoscope of nature.


#10 PUFFINS – There are so many migratory birds in Iceland, for once you will fell they are here for tourist-watching.


#11 MAJESTIC WATERFALLS – One of the most famous and clicked sights in Iceland.


#12 HIKING PARADISE – Need I say more. Here you can see the waterfall Svartifoss, framed in columnar basalt rocks, in the National Park of Vatnajokull.


This Article and the Photographs were contributed by Extreme Iceland, a tour company in Iceland. One of the Iceland’s leading travel agencies, with a massive selection of tours, and activities. Contact Them for your Iceland Travel Needs.

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  1. This is just the post that we were looking for! We are off to Iceland in early March and wanted some tips on winter activities. How did you go for the lava tour? And where are the glaciers?

  2. Hi there!

    March is a wonderful month. You can still see the northern lights (aurora borealis) in March, and enjoy the snow. For glacier activities, that will be the south, and south-east of Iceland, mainly.

    The most popular place for glacier hiking, and ice caving, is in the area of Skaftafell, with is in the National Park of Vatnajökull (south-east Iceland).

    This is one of the most beautiful winter tours in Iceland in the winter, and it includes so much !!!


    Another really nice multi-day tour: https://www.extremeiceland.is/en/destinations/landmannalaugar/in-time-of-northern-lights-three-day-tour

    If you send your traveling dates and requests to our booking department, they will figure out something EXTREMELY nice for you 🙂 It’s info@extremeiceland.is

    Best regards !!

  3. Aaah! My boyfriend said he wanted to visit Iceland a while back, and it had never occurred to me before. But it is so high on my list now it’s ridiculous. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I’m going to go put some more money in my “Travel” jar right now!

  4. thanks for giving an good information about iceland

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