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A beautiful Ladakhi Village, Rangdum

9 reasons why you should go to Ladakh

If you haven’t been to Ladakh yet, then here are nine reasons why you must head to Ladakh this summer. And if you have already been to Ladakh, they still hold valid.

  1. For warm Thukkpas and momos – I will not say I am a huge fan of Ladakhi food but who doesn’t love a bowl of hearty soup with noodles. The no fuss reliable taste of thukpa with a lashing of red chilly at your heart’s desire when the winds are chilly and dry is a great solace. And the steaming momos are a wonderful snack for every stop you make along the unending roads of Ladakh.
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    A pretty restaurant on the way to Turtuk from Hundar
  2. For the ever fluttering prayer flags – The sound OM Mani Padme Hum can be heard under the breath of the winds sweeping the vast deserts of Ladakh. Even when you are travelling away from the world, on a lonely pass will stand a stupa meditating in solitude of towering altitudes, dressed in the many colorful flags making your journey from challenging to serene shifting your travels inward rather than outward into the remote corners of your own soul.
    Ladakh, Prayer flags, rangdum, empty rucksack
  3. For The friendly locals – A smile on every face and a ‘Julay’ on every lip, Ladakh is one of the friendliest parts of India. People serve not for money but with an honesty and hospitality that is heart warming.
  4. To stretch your money with Cheap accommodations – One of the best and cheapest accommodations we found anywhere in the country was in Ladakh. In Leh we paid Rs 600 for a two bed room and bathroom that overlooked a field and the mountains beyond it. One of the most breathtaking views we have had from a room.
    Ladakh, sheep, cattle, mountains, India, Zanskar
    Nothing about Ladakh is mainstream
  5. To be a great photographer – Anywhere you look in Ladakh, just click and it will be one of the best shots you will take in your life. The stark blue sky against the naked landscape, the starry night sky against the silhouette of the mountains, the photogenic bridges standing bravely over bursting water streams are all the stuff of imagination. In Ladakh, it will all fall in place and make a great picture. So, get there to beef up your portfolio and experiences.
    Ladakh, mountains, reasons to visit, Himalaya
    The Beauty that doesn’t cease to surprise you..
  6. For Breathtaking beauty – snow capped mountains, rugged landscape in hues of red, orange, brown and grey with cauldrons of crystal blue water, you have to be in Ladakh to know what Ladakh is like.
  7. Your unique opportunity to make a satellite call – It is away from everywhere you have been and unlike anything you have seen. Phone signals don’t get here and neither do the worries of your life. You will more often than not find yourself in the middle of nowhere with nothing but stones around you. You will pee in the open and drink from the streams, you will sleep in the dhabas or the tent and wake up in wee hours to continue your journeys. In all of this, you will rediscover yourself away from the gadgets and the malls and I promise you will be happy to see yourself again. If you get stuck, make sure you are close to one of the army bases for it will be your unique opportunity to make a satellite call home.
    Ladakh, Biker, Zanskar
    The road never ends in Ladakh
  8. Bragging rights for every motorcycle rider – You travel 440 kms to get to Leh passing over three high passes, then travel to Nubra Valley crossing over 5000 meters plus riding over the “highest” motorable pass in the world. For the love of motorcycle? Nah! For the love of Ladakh!!!
    Ladakh, Village, Himalaya, empty rucksack
    Get away from everything in Ladakh
  9. Unending list of places to travel to – Every morning you can wake up and head in a different direction. With 90 thousand square kilometer of total area and several villages and valleys in either direction, Ladakh will be a beginning of journey where you will discover different cultures, people and landscape. Each corner of Ladakh has a unique and pleasant surprise for you.

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  1. can’t wait to go to Manali! We want to drive our Omni up, but I’m not sure we’d make it through the pass. I have a post on Manali pending and mention taking the drive up, but as I was there in November a couple years ago, the Rohtang pass was closed 🙁 It’s actually quite nice off-season in Himachal Pradesh, but I bet Leh is freezing! Planning to make it al the way in June! PS I LOVE momos haha
    Rachel of Hippie in Heels recently posted…Save Yourself Hassle: Buy a Local SIM Card in IndiaMy Profile

    • Rachel,

      Omni would be taking it a little too far. Considering its ground clearance it is a little risky not just in Rohtang but throughout the journey till leh.

      We will be there around same time.

      Empty Rucksack

  2. wow…Ladakh is so beautiful… loved the post…

  3. My main reason why I wanna go BACK to India. Ladakh 🙂
    Marky – Nomadicexperiences recently posted…The Mosque Beneath the Ground of Taman Sari, YogyakartaMy Profile

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